Ikea Mammut Stool Hack – Personalize Name with Cricut Letters

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I absolutely LOVE IKEA.  My husband, not so much.  He gets overwhelmed in their huge store, especially since he’s watching my child run around like a crazy woman while I’m finding new ways to spend our life savings.

If you’ve kept up with the blog, I’m a fan of IKEA hacks (see: IKEA MALA Easel hack, KNAGGLIG wood crates to coloring bins, BEKVAM kitchen helper stool, FORSYNT children’s art display, and FLYT magazine washi tape project.)  I’m also embarrassed to say our house has no less than 5 different KALLAX shelving systems all over.  I just LOVE them, though.  (Check out how I use the KALLAX in my daughter’s craft corner remodel.)

On my last IKEA adventure, I bought my daughter a set of IKEA Mammut stools in an amazing bright pink color.  For the price of the Mammut stool, they are a great value to add to a little tiny kid’s table.   However, I thought the stools could use a little extra pizzazz.

Nicole recently bought a Cricut, and she has been working on learning to use it, so this was a perfect opportunity to practice on the Cricut while also adding some personalization to the stool.

How to Personalize the IKEA Mammut Stool

Nicole used her Cricut to make the letters of my daughter’s name on sticker paper.  I liked the sparkly silver colored letters the best and thought they provided a nice contrast to the pink of the Mammut stool.   We peeled the letters off, and stuck them on the tiny stool.

The letters stick well to the stool, so I haven’t had any issues with them falling off yet when my daughter sits on the stool.  If the letters do come off, I may super glue or seal over them for a little bit more permanence.  I’m thinking of adding her cousins’ names to the other two stools.  And when we have a future baby brother or sister, that name will complete the set of 4 chairs!

See, this IKEA MAMMUT stool hack is a super simple DIY craft project you can finish in no time.  And if you don’t have a Cricut, you can try and see if scrapbook letter stickers will stick on the top of the stool.