IKEA Wooden Crate KNAGGLIG – DIY Kid’s Coloring Book Storage

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If you haven’t already realized, my sister and I love IKEA. We have gotten some of the coolest things from there, for quite a great price. My newest purchase was the KNAGGLIG IKEA wooden crate. I bought these just because I loved them and just knew I could use them for something wonderful. Turned out, I was right.  They would be perfect for storing the kids’ coloring books!  Read on for the how-to.

But first, assembling the IKEA crate:

To be honest, the hardest part of this entire project was putting the Knagglig crate together. I had to get a power drill to make sure the pieces of wood lined up perfectly. However, I can sometimes be super particular about these things so, if a little gap doesn’t bother you, you will be fine.

More About the Wooden Crate Creation Process

Not only was this a great product, but the creation process was so much fun. These IKEA crates are pine and don’t need to be sanded before being painted.  My two-year-old and four-year-old painted their boxes, by themselves. I went behind and did a last little touch-up, but overall, it was all their own. We had such a fun afternoon painting, inside where it isn’t hot, and not worrying about getting paint all over the place. However, once we were finished, both kids were placed directly into the bathtub.

The kids chose their color of paint and painted the entire crate in one afternoon.


After a couple of layers of paint, I wrote their names on the front, and then we added a clear sealant.

We now have the perfect place to keep our coloring books. We no longer have to worry about them lying all over the house. The kids love the fact that if they want to color in a different room, they can just take their entire crate with them. We even bought a special pencil box to place all of their colored pencils, crayons, and markers in.

If you have kids that love to color, this is a must-have for you. Not to mention, they are super adorable in our playroom! What do you think?  How can you think to use an IKEA wooden crate?


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