Sewing Room Pegboard Organization Ideas

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My craft room got a huge remodel during our coronavirus lockdown, and I’m slowly sharing the redo as it happens.  Today, I want to give you some pegboard organization ideas from my craft room, which is also my sewing room.

I’ve already shared my DIY round stool cushion cover, DIY ironing board, and how I organized my fabric stash as a part of this room remodel so far.

Now, it’s time for some pegboard inspiration!  I love having my craft supplies organized vertically above my desk within arm’s reach.  I also love how I can organize sharp objects like scissors and Cricut tools away from the grabby hands of my daughters.

Pegboard Materials & Installation

My husband did the installation of the pegboard on the wall.  We loosely followed this Home Depot tutorial to get it hung.  We used a square of furring strips underneath the pegboard and one vertical down the middle.  So far, it seems to be adequate!

Now, I want to share specifically how I organized some of the parts.

Ribbon Pegboard Organization

Here, I used a small wood dowel cut to the size of my pegboard to hold many of the ribbons that were still on their spools.  The two ends of the dowels hung on hangers, and I also had to insert one in the center to keep the dowel from bowing down in the middle. This setup is perfect if I just want to unroll a little bit of ribbon to clip! It’s a little trickier if I’ve completely used an entire roll of ribbon, though, and need to get the cardboard insert out. Luckily, I use ribbon fairly sparingly.

Embroidery Stabilizer and Glue Organization

I love the little baskets I used when making my DIY Cricut organizer, so I added two of them to the pegboard as well.  One of the baskets organizes many of my most frequently used glues and adhesives, and the bottom stores my stabilizers for machine embroidery. Well, and two temporary fabric glue sticks.

Cricut Tools Pegboard Ideas

I liked the idea of keeping my Cricut tools on the pegboard as well.  First, because they’re easy to access.  And second, because they’re far away from the hands of my children.  Each of the tools hangs on a hook.  My Mod Podge scraping tool and one of my Cricut drawing pens got a slightly different shaped pegboard accessory to hold it out flat. I don’t have a Cricut brayer for fabric; my Mod Podge roller works perfectly as long as it’s clean and not covered with dried Mod Podge!

On the bottom, I have my transfer tape and contact paper for my Cricut.

Organizing Scissors

I have a ton of sewing scissors, which I’ve organized here. Some I still have in my sewing box. All my shaped craft scissors are in a drawer in another section of my room. Now that I have my Cricut, I don’t use them as often.

Organizing Odds and Ends

These little bins hold my Cricut Maker tips, some hair clips I use when holding fabric out of the way of my embroidery hoop, my glue sticks, post-it notes, and a few other little things.

Letter Holder

On the bottom right is a letter holder I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It holds outgoing mail but also little small pieces of paper that I still need but am not sure what to do with yet!

On the wall, I’ve also made my own grid organizer wall hangers. I’ll work on a tutorial for these soon if you’re wanting to add them to your room as well!

IKEA Sunnersta for Markers and Writing Utensils

If you’ve been following along, you know how much I LOVE the Sunnersta containers from IKEA.  They are featured in my daughter’s craft room remodel and hold all the goodies underneath her DIY magnet board.

These Sunnersta cups hold my thin-tip Sharpies, thick Sharpies, a few colored pens, pencils, and then my dry erase markers for my Crafts To Do board.\

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief tour of my craft room pegboard wall. I hope you now have some new pegboard organization ideas for your own room! I’m constantly redoing the pegboard to tailor more and more to my needs, and I love how versatile pegboards are!