How to Store Cricut Supplies – Pegboard and IKEA Kallax Repurpose Craft

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We are lovers of all things IKEA and KALLAX over here.  Even though IKEA’s customer service is practically nonexistent at times, I think their storage solutions are some of the best out there.  They’re affordable, space-efficient, and surprisingly sleek!

I started dreaming of a craft room remodel earlier this year but finally went through with it right before (and during) our coronavirus quarantine time.  I’m so happy with how things turned out!  Curious about the rest of my craft room so far?  Check out: Crafts to Do Board, fabric KALLAX organization, recipe organization in a KALLAX, DIY ironing board, and my no-sew fabric mouse pad.

I want to dedicate this post to show you how to store Cricut supplies using a pegboard and an IKEA KALLAX.  This is one of the coolest ways to organize all my supplies for easy access and easy visualization.  I’ve been so inspired having everything organized that I’ve been crafting like no other these days!

KALLAX Pegboard Supplies

Here are the things that I (but really, my husband) used for this KALLAX storage hack.

How to Make the Cricut Vinyl Holder – Brief Directions

Now, remember, I had the vision, but my husband had the know-how, so I’ll have to give kind of general directions here!

If you need help learning how to install a pegboard system, check out this tutorial here.  Basically, though, we cut the pegboard pieces to slightly smaller than the sizes of the two KALLAX sides.  Then, we cut three rows of furring strips for each side that were about 3″ shorter than the width of the sides.

My husband placed the three furring strips horizontally near the top, middle, and bottom of the KALLAX and screwed them in.  Then, he also screwed the pegboard on top of the furring strips.

I painted the sides of the furring strips as well as the exposed edges of the pegboard with white paint so they didn’t stick out so much.  We also had to fill a few places with putty where our saw didn’t cut just perfectly.  The growing pains of learning to be handy with a saw!

Because we have young kiddos and this is a lot of weight on the KALLAX, my husband checked and double-checked that the organizer was secured to the wall!

Hanging Baskets and Hooks

Now, here’s the fun part: finding the perfect accessories to hang on the sides!  I really wanted to have all my vinyl, infusible ink, iron-on rolls, etc together.  Anything that I used with my Cricut that was in a roll, I wanted it there!

I found these awesome hanging baskets on Amazon, and I purchased a set of 6 in black.  The black contrast looked nice against the white pegboard background.  I was able to hang four of them on one side of the KALLAX and have plenty of space to stand up my vinyl rolls.

The right side of my Cricut organizer features simply my mats.  Because I have 24″ long mats, this takes up most of the space.  I have no idea where else to store this long mat, so it works well hanging vertically.  I used a simple hanger from this pegboard set.  One day, I imagine I’ll find something to hang below the Cricut mats.  For now, I haven’t needed the space yet, though!

Inside the KALLAX shelves

While the two sides of my DIY Cricut organizer are dedicated towards Cricut-only supplies, the inside of my shelves hold most of my 8.5″x11″ card stock, my different-shaped scissors, all my specialty paper and chipboard, my nifty laminator, and even my photo paper.  There are several odds and ends stored here, too, that didn’t have a home anywhere else in my new craft room. The most important part is everything is in a box, drawer, or some sort of container.  A win for containing messes!  I had an 8.5″x11″ Sterilite drawer set on the top section, and the third actually has two Sterilite shoe holders, which are a perfect size!

DIY Cricut Storage KALLAX Hack

And there we have it!  My awesome Cricut supplies storage shelf, which makes me so happy to start crafting when I see it.  Organization truly is an important key to my creativity!


  1. Shannon M says:

    Hi! I was curious about the transparent pink tray/drawer things on the bottom and 2nd down shelves of your crafting kallax. Where did you get them? Thanks!

    1. I got these from Michael’s a few years ago. They’re great for holding all sorts of stuff!

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