DIY Minnie Mouse Towel – Easy Beginner Sewing Project Idea

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I love easy sewing projects! Not only because they don’t take a lot of time but also because they’re easy to complete.  That, and there’s not a whole lot of room for error or wasted fabric.  This DIY Minnie Mouse kitchen towel is one such project!

This idea started when I came upon a great sale at Walmart on black towels.  At 50 cents apiece, I grabbed a whole handful to have for our kitchen.  Because, guys, things get messy around here with two kids under 5!  These cheap towels were also perfect for using as a base for my new embroidery hobby (I’m not so great yet) and for turning into other great creations with my sewing machine.

And, my older daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse (check out her Minnie Mouse third birthday party and DIY Minnie invitations!)  When I found a great deal on some red and white polka dot fabric at JOANN also, I was inspired.  With a black towel and this polka dot fabric, I could make my own Minnie Mouse towels for our kitchen or bathroom.  They turned out so cute!  So, read on for the full tutorial to make your own DIY Minnie Mouse towels!

Minnie Towel Materials

Here’s what I used to make my Minnie Mouse towels:

  • Black hand towel
  • Red fabric with white polka dots (read below for how to measure)
  • Sewing machine with red thread
  • Scissors and pins or Clover Wonder clips
  • Iron and ironing board

Easiest Tutorial Ever for DIY Minnie Mouse Towels

First, you’ll want to prewash your fabric and towel and iron out any wrinkles.

Then, it will be time to cut your polka dot fabric piece.  Since a lot of towels have different sizes, you’ll need to measure your towel and plan accordingly.  The fabric will cover the entire bottom of the towel, so lay it out very flat and measure the width of the short side of the towel.  Since I’ll be using a 1/2″ seam allowance, this means you need to add 1 inch to your measurement to determine the width of fabric you’ll need.  Next, while your towel is still laid out, determine how far up the towel you’ll want your fabric.  Take this value and add 1 inch to it also.  Then, cut out your piece of red and white polka dot fabric to match those dimensions.

After your fabric is cut, fold each side of fabric 1/2″ under and iron it down to create a nice crease.  Once ironed, the fabric should be the exact size that you’re wanting for your towel.

Here’s what it looks like from the front.

Then, pin or clip the fabric onto the bottom of the towel.  You could also use some sort of temporary adhesive or even fuse it to the fabric if you’d like. I LOVE Clover Wonder Clips to hold things in place and used these myself.  It’s nice not having to use pins with two inquisitive toddlers with grabby hands all over the place!

Now, you’ll want to stitch the fabric into place.  Using a straight stitch, stitch around the edge of the fabric rectangle close to the edge.  Don’t go too close, or you run the risk of missing the fabric, but if you leave too much space, the fabric may curl up on the outside when washed.

And that’s it!  You have a new, snazzy and super easy to make towel!  We put our towel in the bathroom, and my daughter is loving it so far!

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