Flower Birthday Party Ideas for A Girl’s Garden Party

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I’m a little bit delayed with writing this post, but better late than never, right?  My four-year-old celebrated her birthday in December, and I threw her a flower birthday party at her request.  We had all sorts of flower-themed decorations, food, and party activities.  There weren’t a ton of garden birthday party ideas floating around out there, so I really had to dig deep to think of things to make her party extra special.  Here’s a quick review of how things turned out!

Flower Birthday Party Foods

The most important part of any birthday party for our family is the food!  All the food I served was either flower or garden-themed.  I’ve decided it’s easier with two kids to throw birthday parties at 3 o’clock or so in order to allow me to only have to serve snacks rather than a meal.  Snacks also lend themselves to party themes better than full meals do anyway.

Build-Your-Own “Dirt” Party Bar

Our family loves food bars for parties (see: build-your-own burger bar, campfire cones party bar, build-your-own trail mix bar, and yogurt parfait party bar, for instance.)  This time around, I had people make their own “dirt” pudding in this party bar.

Here’s how I set it up!

First, I had two types of pudding (vanilla and chocolate) that I put in two pots I got from Dollar Tree.  I put big spoons in each of them and topped them with little gummy Wilton flowers.

Next to the pudding, I had a cute sign I made in Canva that told guests to “Make your own dirt and flower garden.”

Each guest would get a clear cup to put their “dirt pudding” in, thus showing off the layers!  These also came from Dollar Tree, but I added some flower stickers to the outside to make them a little more decorative.   The spoons I made myself.  I took green plastic spoons and hot glued little fake flowers on the top and put them all together in a cup that looked like a vase.

There were lots of topping options for the puddings.

  • Crumbled cookies
  • Crumbled Oreos
  • Coconut (I had planned to dye it green to look like grass, but I ran out of time.)
  • Chocolate chips
  • Gummy worms
  • White flower sugar candies that were made by Wilton also (they didn’t taste like much of anything, but they sure did look cute!)

I also had a can of Cool-Whip that I sat next to my super cool flower serving tray.

Here’s one of the finished products.  Super cute!

Flower-Shaped Meat and Cheese with Crackers

My older daughter and I spent a ton of time cutting flower-shaped pieces of meat and cheese to go with crackers.  We used this set of cookie cutters to make the flowers, and it took a good, long time to do so.  My daughter LOVED the hands-on activity, though, so I don’t regret spending as much time as we did at all!

Flower Vegetable Plate

My pride and joy from this garden party is the flower vegetable platter that I made!  I made the stem out of celery pieces, the insides of the flowers out of yellow bell pepper, and the flower petals were miniature carrots.  The “grass” was cucumbers cut with the flower cookie cutters again.  I added a side of ranch dip to go with the vegetable plate because my children will only eat raw vegetables if they can dip them.

Flower Cake

Walmart made this super-cute flower cupcake cake by request.  It has plastic butterfly rings on it.  I like cupcake cakes because they’re easier to distribute to guests.  I can also count how many guests and know approximately how many cupcakes I need rather than hoping I’ll cut perfectly-sized pieces of cake.   (One time, I even made my own cupcake cake for my daughter’s baby dedication party!)

Green Beverages

I used green Hawaiian punch along with a can of pineapple juice and some ginger ale to make a green punch.  I also had lime green paper cups and put a flower on top of the beverage dispenser.  Seriously, if you don’t have a beverage dispenser, you need one for your parties!

Flower-Themed Party Decorations

The Happy Birthday Banner

Rather than make my own banner, I used these awesome premade floral banner letters here and printed out the letters “Happy Bday!” on cardstock to hang.  I used some pink rickrack and made hole punches at the top of the banner.  So easy!

Floral Number 4

I made a cardboard flower 4 out of fake flowers and an old diaper box.  You can read more how-to in my flower number diaper box upcycle tutorial.

Vases of Flowers

I sat vases of fake flowers around the island in our kitchen where all the flower party foods went.  There were also vases of flowers interspersed around my house.

Flower Hanging Garland

And lastly, I used some green rick-rack and hot glued fake flowers to it.  Then, I taped them to the top of the entrance to our kitchen.  I thought it added a nice touch when guests entered!

Garden Birthday Party Activities

I always like to provide a selection of activities for guests when they first arrive while we are waiting for later stragglers to get there.

The Family Picture

We like to do family and guest pictures at every single birthday party!  They always involve funny faces or props to match the party theme.  This year, I made flower headbands for the women and flower lapel pins for the men.  I bought headbands from Dollar Tree and pins from Hobby Lobby and hot glued flowers on them.  Easy peasy!  I also made another sign in Canva instructing everyone how to get appropriately festive for the photo.  I asked them to “pick some floral decor to wear for our group picture!”

Here’s an up-close look at the two specific items with the flowers on them.

Flower “Guest Book”

I like to have unique guest books so I can store them away to help my daughters remember who attended each of their birthday parties.  This year, I made a flower guest book using pink cardstock cut out like petals and an empty stem on paper.  Here’s what that looked like:

I asked everyone to write their names on flower petals, and after the party, I glued them on to make a cute flower!  Here’s that finished product.

DIY Butterfly Party Favors

Every party I throw has to have party favors or goodie bags, of course!  This year’s favor was a simple butterfly I made by cutting out cardstock and inserting two or three Pixy Stix.   A few got some decorative glitter on them, but I ran out of time and didn’t have the motivation to stay up late to add pizzazz to all of them.

I laid all the pixie stick butterflies out on the table for people to take right as they were leaving.  So cute!


I hope you enjoyed a peek into my four-year-old’s birthday party.  She loved the flower theme, and it went so well!

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